Recommendations to help you heal your new tattoo:

  • Wash your hands, we know where they’ve been
  • Remove the protective covering within the first 24 hours after getting your tattoo
  • Wash with Blue Green Foam Soap, medium pressure, to get rid of plasma and blood until all debris is gone. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and softly wipe with a wet paper towel
  • Gently apply a thin layer of Aquatat ointment or Ocean Care cream 2-3 times a day until absorbed
  • Wear loose clothes. Don’t pick at your tattoo
  • Don’t go in the pool, ocean or hot tub until healed Avoid your shampoo & soap in the shower
  • Avoid direct sun while healing, don’t sweat, keep cool Apply Ink RENU and SEA LIFE SPF 45 Sunscreen after your tattoo is healed
  • H2Ocean’s got you covered with complete aftercare kits, Extreme Tattoo Care for extremely hard to heal tattoos, and Ultimate Tattoo Care for the fastest natural heal. Lock in all your ink so you don’t lose it on your clothes or bedsheets
  • Lock in moisture, form a barrier and keep your tattoos looking fresh!
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How to Protect Your Tattoo From The Sun -