Loyalty is rare…if you find it, keep it.

The H2Ocean Loyalty Crew is a group of super talented up and comers and lifers in the tattoo and body piercing industry. These artists are proud users and supporters of H2Ocean pro products and aftercare products. We are grateful for their loyalty. Every chance we get we share their talent with the world.

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US Artists:

AJ Chionchio
Big Ceeze
Big Sleeps “David Velasquez”
Boog Star
Carter Moore
Chris Saint Clark
Crea (Piercing)
Dave Robinowitz
Dominick Caswell (Piercing)
Durb Morrison
Earl Noble
Fabio Fontinelle
Fatt Macc
Jacob Hanks
James Vaughn
Jasen Workman
Jason Ackerman
Jesse Smith
Jesse Varela
Kristel Oreto
Megan Hoogland
Po Zhang
Rhonda Marsh
Richie Lucero
Rick Frueh
Ryan Hadley
Ryan Mullins
Steve Tefft
Ian Bell (Piercer)
Zach “Lefty” Colbert[/one_fourth][one_fourth]

International Artists:

Hollywood (Dave Cooper)
Kirt Silver
Aleksandr Romashev
Ben Klishevskiy
Eugeny Tokmakov
Marina Avtonomova
Leigh Dauncey
Christian Nguyen
Damian Gorsky
Erich Rabel
Glenn Cuzen
Jarek “Goraj” Gorajek
Michele Agostini
Robert Zyla
Samuel Potucek
Sandry Riffard
Tomek Lapa
Karol Rybakowski
Claudia Ferrarini
Janos Feher
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