New Tattoo Care Tips

New Tattoo Care Tips

When you have a new tattoo, you must know how to take care of it correctly. That will help your tattoo look vibrant and stay longer. You will find in this article many useful tips to take charge of your new tattoo.

To begin with, after you get your new tattoo, the tattoo artist should put a covering on this particular area of the skin. However, do not use a wrap. Before getting tattooed make sure the tattoo artist prepares paper towels or anything else that involves bandaging. After 24 hours of getting tattooed you can remove the covering.

The next step is to wash the tattoo. We recommend using H2Ocean’s Blue Green Foam Soap. This special soap was designed to clean the tattoo without causing too much drying which could damage your tattoo if you use regular soaps. Before you start cleaning the tattoo make sure to wash your hands first. Don’t apply too much pressure but just enough to so that any blood is washed away. Then rinse with some water but make sure not to use hot water, warm should do the job. Dry it off by patting gently with paper towel and not a regular towel which may have bacteria which can damage the tattoo if the area gets infected. You should wash your new tattoo 3 – 4 times per day. By doing this it will help prevent scabs from forming which is something you definitely want to avoid.

Next step is to apply ointment on your new tattoo, we recommend H2Ocean’s Aquatat This tattoo ointment was made to protect your new tattoo. It also has natural key ingredients so that your tattoo will heal in a way where the colors and detail will stay vibrant. After you wash your tattoo rub just a small amount of Aquatat tattoo ointment onto the new tattoo. Do this a few times during the course of the day.

Some other best practices for your new tattoo you want to follow include wearing loose clothes in the tattooed area. You want to minimize any unnecessary friction on the new tattoo that can cause potential damage to it. Also avoid going in the ocean or pool.

The sun can also do damage to a new tattoo so do your best stay away from it. However, if you have a job for example that is outdoors and you don’t really have a choice from staying away from the sun then make sure to protect it properly. Even after your tattoo heals you should always protect your tattoo from the sun. We recommend H2Ocean’s Sea Life SPF 45. This product was specifically made to not only protect your new tattoo from damaging sun rays but it will also help keep the colors vibrant and detail from getting blurred.

If you follow these new tattoo care tips you will be on your way to showing off your beautiful new ink to the world then thinking about the next one, then next one and so on.