Alex de Pase

Hi, my name is Alex De Pase, I have been tattooing since I was 14 and my style is realism. I opened my first tiny studio on the isle I live in, in the middle of the lagoon of Grado, when I was very young and I have never stopped tattooing, as well as experimenting new techniques or solutions ever since. Today I’ve got two shops: my private studio and the Off The Map Italy’s studio, a significative crossroads of very many great international artists, where tattooing turns into art. I am the deviser of the WorldWideTattooConference, the first and only global itinerant conference about tattooing, which has stopped over in many cities such as Rome, Boston, London, Chicago, Venice, so far. I do all this with the firm intention of ennobling tattooing to its current status: art.

Country: Italy