Big Gus

I am a self taught artist who has always had art around me. My mother was an artist who inspired me to draw and paint as a kid, I miss her dearly!I have been painting since I could hold a paint brush, air brushing at 13 and tattooing at 14 I learned the hard way of course with a home made machine and crappy equipment.

I looked at many artist books & mag’s like tattoo, boris, tod mcfarlen, graffiti trying to learn from what little reference I had at the time. At 18 I got my first “professional machine” from the ads you see in the mag’s, you know the kits that work like SHIT! At 22 I got my first job at a shop called distinctive ink. I had no shop experience,but thanks to my good friend Lonnie.o who gave me the chance I started my tattoo career from there I have just been learning and still learning.I believe you must always be set on learning to always push your skills.

My favorite style is black & gray photo work and freehand shit that’s the best. I also do color work when I get the chance. I have been influenced by so many friends that I’ve made along the way such as rick walters, catfish carl,juan puentes,jack rudy, corry miller, kari barba, 2 cents, Antoino, pint, chuy, eric and so many other’s who are always’s pushing each other to always progress!!! Hope you enjoy the website and thanks for checking out my studio.

Country: United States