Dave Nestler

Born on the East coast, Dave showed signs at an early age that there was promise and destination to be developed from the outcome of hours spent drawing and doodling in class. After high school, Dave enrolled in the Fine Arts and General Studies program at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation, Dave moved to Los Angeles and began a career in the character building, rejection heavy arena known mostly to… “The Starving Artist”. But after a few short months, work came more frequently. Soon Dave was working all around the entertainment community. Film, TV, Radio, Ad Agencies, Design Studios. 

Dave moved back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and began working in the advertising community. With the end of the decade approaching, his work appeared on regional covers for TV Guide and other national publications alongside some of his biggest art school inspirations such as artists Drew Struzan and Richard Amsel. With national recognition on the horizon, the inevitable occurred. Computers. Dave searched for a market that supported what he did best: painting people, especially women. Enter the Glamourcon. Instant recognition and market wide acclaim came quickly. Not since Sorayama’s sexy robot women has a continuing series of paintings made such an impact on an international scale. The amount of imitators and replications of the -Blonde and Gagged- style is a testament to that. The natural progression in an artists career would tell them to find what it is that they do best and continue in that direction.

Country: United States