Gilbert Machado

Gilbert was born a native of the Dominican Republic, finding his way to the united states. While in High school his uncle brought him a comic book, gilbert was fascinated by the artwork and started to replicate the figures. Because of his talents in drawing his family and friends encouraged Gilbert to get into Tattooing. He did not care for the artwork that was out there and wanted to make a change. Gilbert was enrolled in Miami High Technical school for advertising design, upon finishing there he then enrolled into the Art Institute for advertising design and computer animation.

While in college he received his frst job Tattooing at Alternative Art Tattoo where he was there for a year. After there he spent the next 13 years at Funhouse Tattoo. Gilbert has won countless awards and citations for his Tattoo work, he is a Master at his craft. After all of this work Gilbert is now one of the owners here at Black Rose tattoo shop.

Country: United States