Jasmine Rodriguez

For the past 18 years Jasmine has been tattooing all across the five boroughs of N.Y. city. Jasmine grew up in Yonkers, N.Y. and started tattooing out of Champion’s in the Bronx at the age of 18. Her mentor, Angelo “Champion” quickly showed her the ropes of how to tattoo traditional style work in a street shop under the #1 train that is well known for it’s script style writing. Over the years she has practiced many different styles of tattooing and is always eager to learn more. Jasmine is humbled and appreciates all the love and support she receives. She is fortunate enough to work along side talented artist. Jasmine is one of three hosts on Spike Tv’s hit reality show Tattoo Nightmares working along side Big Gus and Tommy Helm. Jasmine has dedicated half her life to art and tattooing. Her goal is to change peoples lives that have been affected by a bad tattoo, and hopefully educate them in the process. Jasmine takes pride in her work, to her it’s not a job it’s a lifestyle.

Country: United States