Megan Jean Morris

I paint because it is fulfilling for me. Contrary to what many people ask me, painting is not usually “fun” or “relaxing” for me. The challenge of conveying my feelings and vision onto a canvas is often a daunting one, and the process can be painfully difficult. However, like a good game of golf, I often come away feeling at peace. Painting gives me private time to breath and recharge, time to be myself and express my thoughts.

Inspiration for my painting comes from the paring of beauty and discourse. When I see sad or awkward things I tend to focus on any beautiful glimpse of color, lighting, or texture. For example, I think there is something stunning about the reflections that ripple along the scales of a dead fish. Similarly, I paint depressing or tenuous situations with vivid, bright, and beautiful colors; often giving my paintings a happy appearance that contrasts with the actual subject matter

My process starts with an abstract idea . I grab my camera and start collecting inspirational images. Then I sketch and shoot models and props for reference. I build and stretch my own canvas and paint on it with thin layers of oil veneers to create a deep and rich feeling within the surface of my finished product.