Seunghyun Jo

I never considered tattooing as my passion and career until I finished college in industrial design an started an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio in 2010. South Korea has very strict laws for tattoo artists, so I had to learn how to keep the shop and equipment clean very well. I didn’t start to do realism tattoos until around 2013 and from then I really tried to learn and do better and better. However, since it is illegal to tattoo in South Korea without a doctor’s license I decided to move to Canada with myself to try tattooing.. After I moved, I started to attend more conventions to learn and improve. I won a few awards, which inspired me to work harder and to guest spot around the world and attend more conventions so I could learn more from all of the extremely talented artists out there.

All the collectors and people really make me want to be a better artist and improve my art. I have learned to develop my darker style of tattooing which has become my passion and inspiration for art.