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Before Steve Haworth became known as the pioneer of 3D Body Art he designed superior piercing tools & techniques, created new styles of body jewelry, designed amazing shaped dermal punches & jewelry (like stars), perfected surface to surface piercing, and began electro cauterary branding. An artist who’s often quoted as saying “flesh is my medium”; his living art is in the form of 3D Implants, Transdermals and Electro Cauterary Branding of various individuals, who work with Steve to design the ideal type of art for them to display in their daily life. He continues to explore other art media, including body modification photography and metal sculpture, but is mostly known for his incredible 3D Body Art. Check out his portfolio for examples…

Originally a designer and manufacturer of medical equipment (for plastic surgery) Steve started his own company, Haworth Tech Company, in 1986. Four years later he began producing body jewelry and became a piercer, shortly afterward opening HTC Body Adornments (now known as HTC Body Piercing).

Due to the extensive knowledge of anatomy that was necessary for producing medical equipment, Steve began exploring the idea of 3D Body Art. He designed special tools to create his art, and did the first body-jewelry style implant on himself, an 8g CBR-style implant in his right wrist. As of today he is known world-wide as the originator of this type of art, in some circles considered to be the most controversial artist on the planet, began a flesh-hook suspension group (Life Suspended), won a Guiness World Record, helped found the Church of Body Modification, has been labelled the father of modern body modification, became a professional photographer, had multiple documentaries filmed about him, created tattoo & piercing trading cards and been interviewed more times than he can remember.