Cam Rackam

Born in Southern California, Cam Rackam has been painting and sculpting for 13 years. Best known for his commission work for bands

Yomico Moreno

Yomico Moreno, Venezuelan, born in the city of Puerto Cabello on June 19, 1983, tattoo artist since 2003 to date.Started in the

Luna Cobra

LunaCobra (Howie) is one of a handful of controversial cutting edge body modification artists, the only one trained under a family of

Steve Soto

Steve has accumalated over two hundred tattoo awards, he has been featured in numerous magazines, he sells his art worldwide and now

Judy Parker

[huge_it_gallery id=”43″] Born in San Diego, California and graduated in Juneau, Alaska; Judy is highly regarded as one of the World’s best

Szalai Tibor Tibi

Hungarian tattoo artist Szalai “Tibi” Tibor creates some stunningly realistic looking tattoos. His portrait work is amazing, his flowers beautiful, but it

Tony Olivas

I’m the founder of Sacred Heart Tattoo in Atlanta L5P, Norcross, Athens and now, Warner Robbins. I’ve been tattooing for 28 years.

Andy Engel

Andy Engel, who enjoys tattooing all kinds of styles since 1994 has always been keen on satisfying the customers´ wishes. Because of his

Bob Tyrrell

I was 34 years old when I started – a little late in the game, but better late than never! Tom Renshaw

Sage O’Connell

[huge_it_gallery id=”34″] Sage O’Connell is the owner of Urban Art I, II, and III in Arizona. Sage has been tattooing since 1992,

Lucy Hu

Originally from Guang Zhou, China, Lucy Hu was an enthusiast for both tattoo and piercing and got her first tattoo as soon

Jasmine Rodriguez

For the past 18 years Jasmine has been tattooing all across the five boroughs of N.Y. city. Jasmine grew up in Yonkers,

Csaba Müllner

I have been creating tattoos for nearly 15 years, during which I have been working and living in a number of different

Randy Engelhard

Hi, I’m Randy and I tattoo since August 2001. First I was employed, but since 2005 I’ve got my shop Heaven of


I made my first tattoos in 1992, using amateur equipment. In the following 2 years besides studying and working I made tattoos

Volko & Simone

Volko Merschky and Simone Pfaff work together as tattoo artists, photographers, musicians, painters and more since 22 years. In 1998 they opened

Lyle Tuttle

Lyle Tuttle opened his first infamous shop on 7th street near the Greyhound bus station in 1960. Lyle has been almost solely

AD Pancho

While there are plenty of artists who create amazing black and grey tattoos, fantastic traditional Japanese tattoos, and awesome watercolor tattoos it

Dave Paulo

Professional tattoo artist since June 2013 based in Portugal

Seunghyun Jo

I never considered tattooing as my passion and career until I finished college in industrial design an started an apprenticeship at a

Rob Hill

Rob Hill, owner of Prysm Body Piercing in Des Moines, Iowa, has been piercing since 2000. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Rob

Rember Orellana

Born in Guatemala, and later moving to the U.S. to attend High School, a career as a Tattoo Artist was something that


In 1995 Kala moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas to further his education in the culinary arts. While in Las Vegas Kala

Peter Agardy

As a 4th generation Floridian, Peter is influenced by his natural surroundings from the ocean to the great outdoors. Growing up an

Marek “Marzan” Pawlik

Ever since I left school I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I always knew I can make it. There was no

Marshall Bennett

Marshall Bennett has been an artist his whole life, but tattooing for only the past ten years, he feels he is still

Juan Selgado

Even as a child, Juan Salgado has always had an interest in art. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on January 21,

Chris Block

Born in 1984, I was always fascinated by the whole tattoo thing and got my own first ones during a rebellious youth.

Robert Hernandez

I was born on July 19 in the city of Prudnik, in the south of Poland to a family of Spanish background.

Dave Nestler

Born on the East coast, Dave showed signs at an early age that there was promise and destination to be developed from

Jess Yen

With over 16 years of tattooing experience, Jess Yen is My Tattoos fearless leader. He started his tattoo business in Taiwan, Phillipines,

Steve Truitt

Steve Truitt has been piercing professionally since 1995. Beginning in Albuquerque, NM, he has worked at many studios nationwide. In 2004, he

George Mavridas

Tattooligans” tattoo studio started out as “Magic Needles” in 1999. In 2004, it was re-named and under the name of “Tattooligans” has

Norm Will Rise

For over a decade now, the name ìNORMî has evolved throughout the art world. His passions have become his life, constantly moving

“Shanghai” Kate Hellenbrand

“Shanghai” Kate Hellenbrand is known as America’s Tattoo Godmother for her 43+ year career beginning in New York City after co-producing the

Roman Abrego

My name is Roman, and I am a 29 year old, proud father of two beautiful little girls. I am currently living

Stefano Alcantara

I was born in Lima, Peru, in 1976. As far as I remember, I actually learned to tattoo by myself in a

Robert Atkinson

Born in 1969, Robert Atkinson is a native of Los Angeles who started his career air brushing t-shirts. In 1992 some friends

Alex de Pase

Hi, my name is Alex De Pase, I have been tattooing since I was 14 and my style is realism. I opened

Gilbert Machado

Gilbert was born a native of the Dominican Republic, finding his way to the united states. While in High school his uncle

Robert Borbas

my name is Robert Borbas, aka Grindesign. I work as a tattoo artist based in Europe, Hungary, but used to work with


Having no style is Genko’s style. He makes the most out of the customers ideas and does his best to grant their

Big Gus

I am a self taught artist who has always had art around me. My mother was an artist who inspired me to

Jose Lopez

The lowrider style revolves around black and gray ink. It is an art form we’ve mastered and one we’ve practiced for years.

Loko T

First of all I would like to point out that I Love my four sons very much! Ossiel, Thomas, Jesse, and Robert.

Megan Jean Morris

I paint because it is fulfilling for me. Contrary to what many people ask me, painting is not usually “fun” or “relaxing”

Jack Rudy

Before Monster Garage and the whole Jesse James explosion, you would be hard-pressed to find any information on this underground celebrity, but

Moni Marino

Moni Marino is starting with tattoo since 1993. In Europe and across the World, She is known mainly as a specialist for

Tommy Lee Wendtner

Tommy Lee Wendtner is one of the most innovative and brilliant surrealistic/realistic horror tattoo artists in the world. His characteristic style and

Domantas Parvainis

Domantas Parvainis was born December 26, 1988 and is a talented tattooer based in Siauliai, Lithuania. Domantas specializes in realistic and black

Murran Billi

In 2000, at the age of 28, Murran began tattooing. Finally building up the courage and confidence to leave permanent marks on

Mark Longenecker

I was born and raised in South Jersey. I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and received a B. F.

Steve Joyner

We in CoRE have suspended our own concept of physical limitation, pierced the heart of our fears, and transcended the boundaries of

Brian Everett

Route 66 Fine Line Tattoo has been specializing in quality tattoo work since 1987, and features an all star cast of award

Alex Grey

Alex Grey is an American visionary artist, author, teacher, and Vajrayana practitioner. His body of work spans a variety of forms including

Timothy Boor

Welcome to the imaginative world of Timothy B. Boor. Whether on skin, paper, or canvas, the creative juxtapositions that Timothy surrounds himself

Steve Haworth

Before Steve Haworth became known as the pioneer of 3D Body Art he designed superior piercing tools & techniques, created new styles

Deano Cook

Deano is a world-renowned tattoo artist. He has won hundreds of award for his realism tattoos.To find out more about Deano. Take

Horiyoshi III

[huge_it_gallery id=”45″] Master Horiyoshi III Nakano Yoshihito was born on the 9th of March 1946 in Japan. Tattooing traditional Japanese Irezumi including