2014 Boris Color Tattoo Training Seminar DVD


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Let Boris take you through a remarkable 8 hours of things from his journey as an artist, to client consultation, communication, design and tattoo prep.

“I can honestly say that yesterday was an overwhelming dose of knowledge that left all of us in the seminar, inspired and enthusiastic about this field.”  Being a self-taught artist in a country and in a time when tattooing is not what it is today,

Boris will enlighten you to the steps he has taken to get to where he is today.  He is completely open to questions and this man’s humble and generous nature is completely apparent with every answer.

You can see Boris’s Tattoo Studio, the design, set-up and countless awards and art pieces that filled the walls.  You will learn about how Boris runs his business, who he has on staff and how he handles that daily flow of work and the business side of things as well.


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