Tattoo for Men

Tattoos For Men The first step in picking great tattoo for men designs for men will be knowing what you want that tattoo to make you feel like after you get it. To start you have to think about what you will say when people ask you “Oh that’s a cool tattoo … Why did you get it?” There are even sites like that people send in videos of why they have a tattoo.
Of course you can search the Internet like you are now to get ideas and styles that would look cool. There are literally tens of thousands of tattoo designs for men to choose from at various resources. Some things you may want to consider are:

1. Is your design going to work size wise in relation to where you want your tattoo to appear on your body
2. How much detail will be involved
3. How much shading will be involved
4. Bottom line is the design you have chosen Tattoo Friendly

Most likely when you take your design or idea to the tattoo salon, the artist will have to rework it so it will translate into a great piece of body art. If they recommend that the design you have selected is not going to either look right where you have selected it to be placed or that it will not have the same effect, you should probably listen to them. They know how tattoos translate on the body. Tattoo Flash is drawn out on cardboard or on paper and you will see them hanging on tattoo salon walls. These designs are mostly generic and used primarily for walk in traffic and people who really don’t have an idea of what tattoo they want. This morphed into professional tattoo artists who cost a lot of money to specifically produce tattoo designs for men and women for sale. This way you could have at least a great tattoo design even if you couldn’t afford the artist. This is a great way to choose a tattoo design and the best place to see all the options is at a tattoo convention. Most professional tattoo artists will sell a tattoo design. The most common size is 11×14 inch. This will also be accompanied with a line drawing, which comes on a different sheet. This will help your tattoo artist draw the outline of your tattoo and make it easier for him or her to get started. Otherwise they would have to do this and that would take more time.

Tattoo for men comes under many styles. Here are a few to consider

Traditional or Old School Tattoo for men
Cartoon designs
Common – New School
Asian – Oriental
Black & Gray
Pin up
Lettering and Font

There are so many types of tattoos for men and the tattoo artist you select may have a specialty … so ask him or her what they think is best. If anything you want to feel comfortable with whom you commission to do the work. Remember if done right, it will give you a lifetime of satisfaction. Just remember to take care of healing the tattoo so it will last a lifetime. Click here to see what you can do to make sure that happens.

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