Planning to get a Tattoo: What you should consider.

tattooWritten by Andrew Perry – H2Ocean

Deciding to get a Tattoo is a big commitment for most people. It’s one you should not go into lightly and with a well thought out plan in place. No one really wants their 15 minutes of fame to be on Tattoo Nighmares ® getting a bad tattoo fixed in front of a Nationwide audience. So what are the steps necessary to have your tattoo experience be an enjoyable one.

Step #1: Select the area of your body you want tattooed

Depending on your job or career path, you may need to make sure the tattoo is easily hid from view, especially if it is controversial or provacative. If that is not an issue and the good news is so many people have tattoos now (40,000 new tattoos daily … 45 Million in USA*) that they are well accepted.
The next thing you should consider is what your pain threshold might be when getting the tattoo. Certain areas of the body are more painful then others. Many start out with a tattoo on the outer arm, forearm and shoulders. Other least discomfort areas are the buttocks or calfs. The shoulders and arms was the area of choice by many of the soldiers in World War 2.

Step #2: Select a Tattoo Artist

One way to get a recommendation on an experienced Tattoo artist is to google the salon or artist and see reviews. Select a salon that is not “Tattoo Aftercareless”. Many of these salons will give you a free Tattoo Aftercare kit or sell you the right H2Ocean products for speedy healing and proper tattoo aftercare.

Step #3: Select a Design

Many Tattoo Artists will have a portfolio of their designs that you can choose from when you visit the salon. Others artists may have websites where you can view some of their tattoo work.
If you are having a tattoo done to commemorate or pay tribute to a special event or person in your life, you may want to bring a picture of them or some form of a rendering, to give the artist the type of tattoo you are looking to have done.

Step #4: Proper Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Do not re-bandage the tattoo.
Do not use a washcloth or anything abrasive on your tattoo. It is very important to always “Wash Your Hands” before touching your tattoo.
Do not scratch or pick your tattoo.
During the healing process, avoid public pools, hot tubs and the ocean to ensure proper healing.
While in the shower, do not over soak your tattoo with water.
Avoid tanning beds and direct sunlight (sun bathing) for a few weeks. Do not use tanning oils, lotions and avoid sand getting near the tattoo.
Try not to wear tight fitting clothes, which might irritate a new tattoo.
While using H2Ocean aftercare products, please refrain from using any other aftercare products during the healing process

Once the healing process is finished, you should have a nice looking, long lasting tattoo that you can be proud of and on display for all to see. To keep that tattoo looking like new you can use a new H2Ocean product called Tat2Renu available HERE

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