What You Need To Know About Getting A Tattoo Removed

So, have you made your mind to get a new tattoo. Think that twice before you are 100% sure because they are permanent (sort of). Nothing in life is perfect and sometimes we make bad decisions. Like getting your girlfriends name tattooed on your arm even though everyone warned you not to, next thing you know things don’t work out, you break up but you can’t stand to see her name on your arm. Well, it can be removed from your skin but it is more difficult than putting it on your skin. If you are tricked by the tattoo removal creams, then you must know that it cannot do what it claims. You will have to go through painful measures like laser treatment to get it removed. It is not only painful, but also time consuming and expensive as well.

What to expect when removing a tattoo?
First of all, it is very important for you to know that a complete removal of tattoo is not possible at all. You will either be left with a ghost image of the tattoo or a permanent scarring. So, before you proceed to remove your tattoo, make sure that you are ready to live with the ghost of the past (tattoo) or the ugly scars. It is always better to cover up the old tattoo with the new one.
You should not forget that these laser treatments are very painful to perform. So, it is better if you see whether or not there is any option available for anesthetics. Even the tropical numbing spray can help you to reduce the pain.

You may need multiple treatments
Removing a tattoo is not always same. There are different factors that determine whether or not it will be easier for you to remove the tattoo. Some of these factors are the location, colors used and also the expertise level of the tattoo artist.

When the tattoo is closer to the heart, it is easier to remove it. This is because of better blood circulation. Black is much easier to remove while other colors like reds, greens and yellows are quite difficult to break down and remove. The higher the contrast of the ink against your skin, easier it will be to remove.

It is easier to remove the tattoos made by amateur tattoo artists because they usually use less ink for it. But the professional tattoo artists who use a lot of ink makes it impossible to remove easily. On the other hand, the newer tattoos are harder to remove than older ones. This is because the older tattoos are absorbed by the body already.

Different types of lasers used
If you think that one laser can remove the whole tattoo, then you are wrong. Different types of laser are used with different wavelengths to remove the tattoo. It will definitely hurt a lot so it is better to ask your laser treatment expert to use an anesthetic gel or numbing cream for each session.

There are side effects
Laser treatment has its own risks and side effects can occur. Some may experience scarring with an ugly output. On the other hand, others can get blistering, swelling and bleeding. You can also face redness and temporary darkening in and around the tattoo area.