What You Need To Know About Healing Your Inner Lip Tattoo

inner lip tattoo

Inner lip tattoos do not last like most tattoos that you get on the outside of your skin. Their average lifespan is between a year and five years or even less. Due to their short lifespans, inner lip tattoos require regular touch-ups and maintenance. If you don’t give them proper care, they will fade and disappear. This is what you need to know about healing your inner lip tattoo.

There are several factors that determine the lifespan of inner lip tattoos. They include:

• Mouth cell regeneration?
– Mucosal cells tend to regenerate very fast and therefore speeding the healing of lip tattoos.

• The mouth is acidic and moist?
The acids in the mouth break down the lip ink quickly making it fade. The saliva also reduces the lifespan of tattoos.

• Ink depth?
-The level of the ink inserted on the skin will determine the lifespan of the tattoo. If the artist places the ink near the skin surface, the body will attack and break it easily. You should find a skilled and experienced tattoo artist.

How to care for inner lip tattoos.?
The care you give your inner lip tattoo will determine how long it will last. They require special care and maintenance, unlike other tattoos. Your tattoo artist will advise you on how to accelerate the healing of your tattoo. The following points will help you maintain your tattoo properly.

• Fast and wash?
You should not eat or drink anything after getting your tattoo. The fasting time length depends on the skin type and tattoo size. Your artist will advise you on this.
You can smoke cigarettes after your tattoo is finished but remember to wash your mouth after smoking. This will prevent infections from developing on the lips.

• Avoid infections?
The location of lip tattoos makes it vulnerable to infections. This is due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth. It is advisable that you use non-alcoholic mouthwashes. Rinse your mouth after every meal, drink or smoke. A non-alcoholic mouthwash does not fully prevent infections. It will only reduce the chances of bacteria affecting your tattoo.

Avoid consuming acidic foods. It is normal to get inflammation after you get an inner lip tattoo. Don’t scratch it since it can damage the ink.

You should consider avoiding intense make-out sessions with your lover to prevent the transfer of more bacteria to your mouth.

What is the best healing mouthwash?
We recommend H2Ocean’s “Healing Rinse Arctic Ocean Mint”. It protects and heals your lip tattoos without using dangerous chemicals. It is free from alcohol and fluoride. It is sea salt based and contains enzymes that occur naturally in the saliva. It contains xylitol that prevents your mouth from drying. It prevents strep that is caused by staining teeth. Xylitol occurs in vegetables and fruits. The human body can also produce small amounts of xylitol. It is safe for people of all ages and is recommended by dentists. It makes rinsing easy and enjoyable. This product will heal your tattoo just in time for you to flaunt it before it starts fading.