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Tattoo Healing Stages

Aquatat tattoo ointment 8 oz

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A tattoo may be beautiful however when it is just finished it’s still an open wound, so it needs the right amount of care for it to heal properly. Each specific stage of the recuperation method that the tattoo will require one different type of caring method or the other.

New tattoos should be kept as clean as possible and free from any germs, dirt or anything that could compromise it. Healing stages differ from one individual to the next so results may differ.

Different elements play their roles in the way that your tattoo will heal. A wide variety of those factors are mainly centered around the type of skin you have and where your tattoo is placed on your body. Also be aware of the style of tattoo that the tattoo artist created.

As soon as your tattoo is done, the artist will send you on your way with a covering on your new tattoo. They will more than likely recommend that you to keep the covering on for anyway from a few hours to one day and also avoid any exposure to the sun.

Getting a new tattoo is similar to having minor surgery so don’t be surprised if your tattoo bleeds a bit for the first 24 hours. This is normal, and your covering will help take in any bleeding from your tattoo. It is important to be very careful when removing the covering so that you don’t let a large amount of blood dry to your covering.

A new tattoo in the initial healing stage will more than likely be red, sore and a bit swollen as well. In addition to this you will probably get a slight stinging feeling similar to a sunburn which is very normal at this early stage.
It is also common for a new tattoo to feel dry, tight and itchy as well. The best way to treat your tattoo at this stage is with H2Ocean’s tattoo aftercare products to minimize any discomfort.

During the healing process of your new tattoo you can expect the follow stages:
– Week 1: Expect pain and redness, and moderate bleeding is common during the initial 24 hours following your procedure.
– Week 2: Anticipate the tattoo to flake or peel and may get itchy.
– Week 3: During the last week of the recovery stage you can anticipate that scabbing and peeling had subsided although the area still may be a little sensitive.


Table of Contents


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