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The Best Sunscreen For Tattoos

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As summer winds down and less time is spent outdoors, you may be thinking it’s time to start stowing away the sunscreen for next summer. However, this is not always the wisest idea, especially if you have tattoos. There are a few great reasons why you should probably be wearing some form of sunscreen or sun protection daily, even when it’s cloudy, especially if you have tattoos.
The sun’s ultraviolet rays offer a couple of ways to ruin your tattoo. Tattoo ink pigments are broken down by UV rays which can cause premature or expedited fading than if protected with sunscreen. A sunburn will also pull out ink when your skin peels, causing fading. Blurring is also a common occurrence with unprotected sun exposure for an extended time.
There are sneaky ways that the sun’s rays can reach you without your even thinking about it. Your daily commute can be a culprit, with the sun being able to penetrate through the windows. Certain medications can also make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. Acne, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory medications are common sources, as well as over the counter products including benzoyl peroxide and retinol.
Regardless of where you live, or what the average weather may be, the sun can still find a way to shine its ultraviolet rays down. Most people know the effects of prolonged, unprotected exposure to UV rays which can cause wrinkling, discoloration and skin cancer but applying even a lower or lighter UV protection can still make a difference. On cloudy or overcast days, the sun’s rays can pass through the clouds up to 80%. The snow can also reflect up to 80% of UV rays in the winter months as well. If not for the protection of your skin, protecting your tattoos from the sun can help to preserve the color and design for many more years if you apply sunscreen if you plan to expose tattooed areas to sunlight.

Not all sunscreens are created equal though. H2Ocean Surfers Choice SPF 50 spray is safe for all skin types, H2Ocean Surfers Choice SPF 50 UVA/UVB Sunscreen is an anti-aging and non-scented dri-mist sunscreen that dries in 30 seconds with no oily residue. It is water resistant, and provides over 80 minutes of total block from the harmful rays of the sun. It contains Tattoo Protek to shield your ink from damaging UV rays. H2Ocean Surfers Choice, loaded with Aloe Vera for natural hydration, is the best choice for your skin. Surfers know that the sea and sun really burns your skin. Safe for children and 360 degree sprayer makes it easier than ever to use.


Table of Contents


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