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The Complete Guide to Getting A New Tattoo – Part 2

Table of Contents

Choosing A Tattoo

In between finding your tattoo studio and tattoo artist, you may have an idea of what you want or exactly what you want. In each studio there will be walls filled with pre-drawn tattoos that have been replicated on 1000’s of bodies around the world. These images are referred to as “Flash”. Flash is a kind of quick fix for a first time tattooee’s urges. They are easy to choose from and even easier to tattoo, again because most of the artists have done that piece on at least 10 people.

I personally picked my “tramp stamp”/lower back tattoo from a piece of flash on my 16th birthday. Two years later I met a local girl with the exact same tattoo in the exact same place. I felt so unoriginal and wish to this day that someone had helped me wise up and told me to, in some way, make the tattoo my own. Flash is a great builder, a great place to start on a tattoo idea. One thing tattoo artists love is originality. They thrive to work on pieces that are new and special, a piece to be proud of and not to be replicated. So even if you do pick a piece of Flash just make sure to try and add your own Oomph, your own pizzazz, your own flair and pop to it! Make that image stand out as an original because you know what, you yourself are an original and can never be copied.

Tattoo Cost

Let’s move onto the cost of the tattoo. Again, every tattoo studio is different, but remember this one golden rule and always, ALWAYS believe in it…”No Cheap Tattoo Is Good, & No Good Tattoo Is Cheap!” Just because the tattoo shop down the street will charge you $100 less than the tattoo studio you had your heart set on that had that perfect artist you spent so much time finding, does not mean that it will match your expectations. Usually it will less than meet what you hoped to have adorn your skin permanently.

Tattoo studios with the best reputations usually charge a bit more than a studio you have never heard of. You know why? Because the tattoos that that highly regarded shop puts out into the community are consistently beautiful, perfect, long lasting, and accurate to what their customers had wished for from their experience there. Don’t you want to pay that extra $100 for an incredible piece of artwork that will last you forever? Darn tootin’ you do!



Table of Contents


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