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The Complete Guide to Getting A New Tattoo – Part 5

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Taking Care Of A New Tattoo

You now have the finished product after getting a fresh tattoo, which is really a large open wound that needs to be protected and nurtured back to health and lasting beauty with proper tattoo care. Many a tattoo shop or tattoo artist will suggest A&D or Aquaphor healing ointment as the best tattoo lotions to heal a tattoo from the time you leave the tattoo shop through the following two days, while washing your new ink 2-3 times a day with an off the shelf anti-bacterial soap. If the shop suggests that then they will most likely tell you to use non-scented moisturizing lotion after those first 2 days till the tattoo is completely healed.
In all honesty, NONE of these products were created as a tattoo lotion with an intention for the best tattoo care or to heal tattoos. A&D and Aquaphor healing ointment are non USP (Pharmaceutical) Grade, but rather food grade. Also, these products are infused with mineral oil which is a skin suffocating oil and creates acne around or even on your tattoo. This leads mostly to scarring and ink loss. These ointments stick to clothing and bed sheets like nobody’s business which for you means your precious inks tend to rip out on those fabrics. This sticking leads to poor healing, irritation, scarring, and soon needed touch ups.
Don’t worry there is hope on the horizon! H2Ocean has produced and perfected the best tattoo aftercare products ever. Our tattoo ointment products were made to truly heal and protect tattoos for those first two precious days. This magical tattoo balm is called AQUATAT. AQUATAT is USP (Pharmaceutical) Grade and also FDA Approved. H2Ocean took out the suffocating mineral oil and replaced it with palm oil. Palm oil is widely known for its anti-aging and rejuvenating properties that are chalk-full of antioxidants. AQUATAT tattoo balm is clear, not goopy and brown like A&D, glides on your skin like silk, and won’t clog pores. This tattoo balm ointment is like a protective barrier that won’t stick to fabrics which will make sure that you keep that beautiful ink in your tender skin and looking fresh.
As for using off the shelf anti-bacterial soap…Many of those soaps kill all of the good and bad bacteria on your skin leaving your would vulnerable to airborne pathogens and mutant/resistant bacteria. Many harmful ingredients such as fragrance and tallow acid are main ingredients in these soaps. These ingredients are toxic and not created for human consumption. Why would you slather on toxic materials on your open wound and new ink? You wouldn’t, that’s why H2Ocean has produced a phenomenal product called Blue Green Foam Soap. Made from all natural ingredients, this soap comes out as soft foam that is FDA Approved and is the only soap created for the sole purpose of healing a fresh tattoo. H2Ocean’s Blue Green Foam Soap is anti-microbial which means it also kills deadly germs as well as bacteria. Blue Green Foam Soap has aloe-vera in it to soothe the skin from stinging and irritation, while also working as an anti-inflammatory. It is not sudsy, but rather dissolves immediately into your skin while removing excess ink. This soap works with your skin rather than against it and ensures your safety as well as the lasting beauty of your tattoo. Apply Blue Green Foam Soap 2 times a day until your tattoo is healed.
After your first two days have passed you can now move onto the aftercare lotion. Even the best lotions that can serve as moisturizing tattoo lotion were not ever made with an inkling of the intention to one day heal a tattoo. All of those tattoo lotions sit on the skin and do not heal an open wound. Dry skin is also one of the worst enemies for a new tattoo. The best tattoo lotion created for such instances as the tattoo healing process and rejuvenation is H2Oceans Ocean Care Cream. This moisturizer and aftercare lotion had been a godsend for me personally through my tattoo endeavors and beyond, is cruelty free and won’t clog pores. This fragrance free tattoo aftercare lotion is the best tattoo lotion on the market and gives your tattoo the ability to ooze its excess ink as well as soothing the skin from irritation, safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin. I have used this vegan friendly tattoo aftercare product on anything from sunburns, acne, blisters, scratches, and scrapes. One tube of the Tattoo Aftercare Cream will last you quite a while depending on the size of your tattoo because a little tattoo lotion goes a very long way. You’ll want to apply a nice thin layer of the tattoo lotion to the tattooed area 3-5 times a day.
Also, after the second day you may begin to apply a thin layer of H2Oceans Tattoo Aftercare Foam before bed. It’s fragrance free, non greasy foam locks in your ink seamlessly with its incredible ingredient called Dimethicone, giving you the daily moisture and cleanliness your new tattoos need. Dimethicone is an ingenious and natural ingredient which is silica/sand based. Dimethicone acts as a natural liquid bandage that does not allow infiltration or penetration of airborne pathogens. On top of locking in your fresh ink, the Tattoo Aftercare Foam seals in moisture while you sleep and alleviates the production of pussing, scabbing, or scarring, thereby helping with the healing process for fresh tattoos and help keep your tattoo looking its best. It’s made with Lysosyme as well that is naturally produced in our bodies. Lysosyme kills 650 different kinds of bacteria on contact within the first five hours!! Talk about an ultimate protector!
H2Oceans Blue Green Foam Soap, Tattoo Aftercare Cream, & Tattoo Aftercare Foam come in a new 3 piece kit called the Ultimate Tattoo Care Aftercare Kit which makes having all of these necessary healing and tattoo aftercare products easy to find and carry around. They have also released an ointment option kit called the Extreme Tattoo Care kit. This contains the Blue Green Foam Soap, Aquatat and the Tattoo Aftercare Cream. This product can be picked up at your local Walgreens. H2Oceans products are the only tried and true products “Made for the Industry, by the Industry” beloved by many tattoo artists, to keep both your new and old tattoos looking their best. As long as you use the information above to the best of your ability there is no reason your first tattoo should go any other direction but smooth. I hope that this has been helpful and your feedback is very welcome!


Table of Contents


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