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The Original One

Back in 2000, founder and South Florida surfer Eddie Kolos had an idea. With his knack for marine biology and his connection to the sea, the H2Ocean brand was born. At the time, there was no other natural aftercare brand on the market. The body art industry was still very grassroots, and introducing a sea salt body piercing aftercare was unheard of!

Home remedy sea salt soaks were being recommended at the time, and Eddie knew that H2Ocean’s vitamin and mineral-fortified sea salt spray would help piercings heal easier and faster. From that point on, H2Ocean has pioneered the body art industry into a world of innovative tattooing products and piercing aftercare products. We were the first piercing spray, the first tattoo ointment, the first aftercare foam, the first foam soap, the first lidocaine foam, the first industry pro team, and we will continue to push ourselves to bring more innovative products to help the artists and their clients.

Officially launched in July 2001, H2Ocean is an innovative company that has influenced the way tattoo and piercing enthusiasts care for their body art. H2Ocean is the world’s largest developer of all-natural, organic, sea salt-based, products with over 15,000 retail locations in the United States alone. By using only the highest USP-grade ingredients and the most technologically advanced packaging to ensure quality, we guarantee that our products are the safest and most effective products on the market.

H2Ocean’s products are distributed worldwide and registered in the following regions: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, and Europe. Our corporate office is located in Stuart, Florida. H2Ocean develops and manufactures the highest quality all-natural, wound care, hair care, oral care, and nasal care sea salt-based organic aftercare products.

Development Timeline of Novel Sea Salt-Based Products

Piercing Aftercare Spray launched in 2002

Piercing Aftercare Spray

Piercing Aftercare Spray Sea Salt Saline With Lysozyme One of the first products to use the bag in can technology. First ever...


Vet Aid Spray And Foam

The first Red Sea Salt based all natural wound care products for animals. Vet Aid’s enzymatic sprays and foams were developed to...

How the Brand Developed



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