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Tips On How To Treat Your Tattoo

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Tattoo care used to be one of the very last things that someone thinks about when they decide to get a tattoo. Tattoo care is a requirement, especially if you expect to preserve your tattoo for any extent of time. The initial week is the most crucial for healing, but especially the first 4 to 6 weeks. The steps that you should take to care for your tattoo are going to be very significant in regards to keeping it from becoming infected.

Here are some tips on how to treat tattoo and necessary caring for your new tattoo.

1. Remember your tattoo artist’s exact advice on tattoo care when you leave the shop upon receiving your new tattoo. Most artists can write down or already have existing advice and tips on tattoo care, so just be sure that you ask.

2. Understand that you are at risk for infection if you do not go along with the directions. Once your tattoo gets infected, then you are going to be in danger. An infected tattoo can greatly lengthen the healing process and make everything so much more uncomfortable than it already is.

3. Proper tattoo care requires you to wear your covering. Ask your tattoo artist exactly how long they recommend that you wear it. Some people will have to simply wear their covering for no more than 24 hours while others have to wear them much longer. It just depends on how responsive your skin is, how much it is broken from the tattoo, and how big your tattoo is. No matter what, make sure that you wear it; it will help to prevent the infection from arising.

4. Make certain that when you are washing your tattoo, that you wash with lukewarm water or the warmest water that you can take at the time.

5. Remove the blood with your hands when washing the tattoo, not a washcloth. A washcloth can be a bit too much and can cause irritation to the skin. It is best to keep those traces of blood removed to prevent unnecessary scabbing.

6. Do not pick at it. This might cause sores and more bleeding, which could lead to infection. Just remember to keep it clean.

7. Keep it away from pools, ocean, hot tubs and sunlight until it has healed. You do not want your tattoo to fade or damage in any way. Not to mention that if you were to do so it would hurt beyond belief.

8. Do not forget to apply ointment. We recommend H2Ocean’s Aquatat ointment for maximum healing. Keep the ointment applied and do not stop applying until your tattoo artist gives the okay.

9. Avoid taking long baths and showers. You do not want your new work of art to lose any ink. Focus on taking quick showers.

10. Keep all other chemicals away from your tattoo, even soap. Do not attempt to wash it or shave it. If you use shaving cream, be sure to apply the cream around the tattoo. Too many chemicals can ruin it. It takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to heal. Once it has healed, then you are free to sunbathe, take long showers, baths, or whatever else you desire to do.

With the correct tattoo care your tattoo is going to be just fine, but like anything else that is in the healing process where special attention is needed. You may even need to continue to apply treating and approved tattoo aftercare products from H2Ocean that specializes in developing natural healing products for safe and effective healing without utilizing harmful chemicals to it for a while to make sure that your skin stays moist, fresh, and does not crack or peel too much. Proper tattoo care is the best thing you can do for your investment, and for your skin.


Table of Contents


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