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Using Natural Care For Healing Tattoos

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Tattoos are a common form of self-expression. Many people get multiple tattoos on different parts of their bodies. But there are some who are not exactly sure how to take care of them properly. If you have a tattoo, the process of taking good care extends to days and months after getting that gorgeous work of art. The tattoo healing process should be taken seriously if you want to protect it and keep it looking its best.

One of the best ways to care for your tattoo is to opt for natural care and products that will keep your ink healthy and gorgeous. When you ask most tattoo artists about tattoo aftercare, recommendations vary but these are the basics of natural care for healing tattoo:

Keep Tattoo Clean
As soon as you get your tattoo, don’t go swimming yet. It is fine to take quick showers but try to keep it away from the direct water flow. Don’t rub or scrub it either. Use a gentle application of mild soap to keep the tattoo area clean.

Wearing Loose Clothing
Days after getting a tattoo, the skin will become very sensitive. Wearing tight clothing which may affect the tattoo is not a good idea. Clothing can feel like sandpaper on newly tattooed skin, and if you’re sensitive, you will not want anything tight or something that will rub on the fresh ink.

Understand Wet And Dry Healing
Tattoos are more than just a work of art on your skin. It is a wound that is etched into one’s body forever. You can choose to go for the wet healing process which involves the application of medicines and ointments, but it is quite simpler to have a “dry healing” process which involves a hands-off and natural approach. Dry healing can be done for three days after the tattoo using just water and letting it dry. Once the scabbing starts, you can use the Extreme Tattoo Care Kit which is H2Ocean’s all natural tattoo aftercare product.

Using the Extreme Tattoo Care from H2Ocean
This unique product from H2Ocean is specifically designed to be used for all healing stages of your tattoo. It is a three-step skin protectant with a skin-revitalizing regime. This kit is complete with a cleanser that helps clean your tattoo while providing the necessary nourishment and moisture for the skin. It is an ointment-based aftercare kit which is great for hard to heal areas and will keep the tattoo bright and beautiful for years to come. This product contains palm seed oil, panthenol and sea minerals that help with effective and fast healing of your tattooed skin.

Lastly, make sure not to be tempted to peel the skin or scabbing around your tattoo. Avoid submerging it in water and let it just dry out to help it heal well and completely. Keep in mind that the products you use on the inked skin are equally important. Make a practice of using natural care for healing tattoos and avoid products that contain harsh chemicals which can irritate your skin.


Table of Contents


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