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What Kind Of Lotion Should You Put On A New Tattoo?

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After getting a tattoo, the region of skin is extremely delicate and needs the following 2-3 weeks to heal itself from the injury caused by the needles from the inking procedure. One part of tattoo aftercare which appears to challenge many individuals is picking which product is the best to use on the new tattoo.

Because of the wide range of moisturizers, creams, and treatments that are on the tattoo aftercare products market it can be tough to spot which ones are beneficial at supporting a tattoo while it’s recuperating and which ones can accomplish more damage than good.

Which creams to use on tattoos:
These are the items that are mainly made with a specific end goal to be utilized during the tattoo aftercare period. These tattoo creams/ointments are intended to guarantee that they cause as little aggravation to the touchy range of skin as could be allowed.

This implies they are comprised of ingredients that don’t contain anything that would cause skin aggravation, for example, harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Tattoo Healing/Ointment Lotion
The best tattoo ointment lotion I’ve used is a tattoo aftercare item called Aquatat from H2Ocean. This stuff works great during the recuperating phase, not exclusively to keep your tattoo truly all around hydrated but at the same time, it’s great at relieving that irritating tingling. When utilizing it from the very beginning of getting your tattoo it helps to diminish recuperating times and to decrease overwhelming scabbing.

Moisturizing Cream
Moisturizing creams work great on protecting new tattoos. We recommend Ocean Care Cream by H2Ocean. This unique product includes essential vitamins and minerals to leave your skin looking nice and healthy, at the same time also nourished. This way it will help maintain the detailed quality and look of your new tattoo. It will also help maintain healthy skin. More importantly it does not have any petroleum or bees was ingredients that can clog pores which can negatively affect the details of your tattoo.

Soap for Tattoos
It is also important to not use any soap that can cause too much damage or drying to your tattoo. We recommend Blue Green Foam Soap by H2Ocean. It was designed to clean your new tattoo without compromising or damaging it. Just use it 3 – 4 times a day with a medium amount or pressure to remove any dry secretions in the pores of your skin which will prevent scabs from forming. Then follow this up with the recommended moisturizing products listed above.


Table of Contents


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