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What Makes H2Ocean's Surfers Choice The Best?

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We have all been there. On the beach or outside and the sun is out with the heat to back it up. You know you should have sun protection but don’t have it. Luckily for you, H2Ocean can be conveniently ordered online.

H2Ocean Surfers Choice starts with high quality ingredients that creates this anti-aging, unscented dri-mist. It is SPF 50 and dries within 30 seconds with no oily residue. It contains Aloe Vera for natural hydration while being water resistant for over 80 minutes! It is safe for all skin types and provides over 80 minutes of total block from the harmful rays of the sun. It is 100% safe for children and the 360 degree sprayer makes it easy for everyone to use. On top of all this – who better than surfers to vouch for sun block? Surfers understand the value of a great sunblock. On top of all these amazing benefits and trusted recommendations – H2Ocean Surfers Choice is Reef Safe. This means that all the ingredients used in the product are NOT toxic to the coral or marine life.

How Do I Use H2Oceans Surfers Choice? H2Oceans Surfers Choice comes in a 6oz mist bottle with an easy 360 degree spray nozzle. One lifts off the cap and grips the easy to use comfort trigger. You squeeze and the mist begins the spray. Use on the entire body and wait 30 seconds for it to dry. Now you can head outside as you are good to go!

H2Ocean continues to put amazing and beneficial products with extra benefits. And Surfers Choice does not disappoint. H2Ocean also put in Tattoo Protek. Tattoo Protek is UVA/UVB Anti-Aging ingredients that help protect and keep not only your skin healthy, but if you have tattoos, your tattoos. H2Ocean’s Surfers Choice does not harm of effect your tattoo in any negative way. In fact, the opposite. The ingredients are meant to improve and protect your tattoo.


Table of Contents


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