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What you Need to Know about Industrial Piercing Aftercare

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Looking for a great way to enhance your look? If you are then you should consider getting an industrial piercing. If you get an industrial piercing, this body jewelry not only helps add to your beauty but enhances your self esteem too. In order to get the best industrial piercing results, you need to understand how to take care of yourself after the procedure the first time. To help gain more satisfactory results, this is what you need to know about industrial ear piercing after care.

What is industrial piercing?

Industrial piercings are a type of piercing that involves two piercing holes through the cartilage of your ear. The two separate holes are then linked together using an industrial barbell single piece of jewelry. However, it is not necessary for the industrial piercings to go through the top of your ear. You can opt for the two holes to run either vertically or horizontally.

Industrial piercing care

After getting an industrial piercing, the other most important thing is to take great care as the piercing heals in order to get the best results. Your piercer professional will give you guidelines on how to do the aftercare. Your piercer will recommend using a solution to help in the healing process. You are supposed to do this for several weeks until your ear gets healed. This is a great option as it makes the ear heal effectively and keeps the pierced area clean, thus reducing the risks of infections.

Aftercare Spray

We recommend H2Ocean’s Piercing After care Spray which is the best product you can use for the healing period of an industrial piercing, which can take 2-3 months to heal completely. It contains natural ingredients such as sea salt, that are not only effective in promoting healing but do not have any side effects. This spray is good for all types of skin, meaning you can apply it even if you have sensitive skin. It is best used twice a day and works faster and reduces the soreness or pain that might occur during healing process for industrial piercings. The spray also works effectively because it remains sterile from the beginning to when the new piercing is fully healed. Unlike rubbing alcohol or most other sterile saline solution products you find in the market, it is easy to apply and won’t dry out the skin, so no hassles involved.

Other important things you should do

Before you start doing the cleaning your piercings, you must make sure to wash your hands. This ensures that the two piercings and the area around the piercing are not contaminated with the dirt on your hands.
It is important to take care to avoid tugging at your piercings. The most effective way is to keep off your hands from your ears as much as you can. Your ears will heal faster if you avoid messing, touching, or rubbing them.
In case you apply hair products to maintain your hair, make sure they do not get in touch with your piercings because this will just slow down the healing. It may be best to keep your hair away from your piercings by tying it back, especially if you have long hair.
You might be tempted to put other solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, but this is not recommended. This will not only make healing time take longer than expected.
Avoid going to the swimming pool until the ear piercings are healed because water can infect the area.
Use the right metal for your piercing barbell to avoid infections.
In case of any issues that might arise, always get back to your professional piercer for more advice. It can take up to 3 months for the two piercings to fully heal.


Table of Contents


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