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What You Should Know About Tattoo Moisturizers

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Whether it is a new tattoo or an old one, you need to ensure some extra care on that delicate skin area. In order to keep you well informed, you’ll find here what you should know about tattoo moisturizers.

The skin is very delicate for a few weeks after getting a new tattoo, as it starts to heal and regenerate. Applying a good moisturizer lotion to the area can hydrate and nourish the skin, helping to speed up the healing process.

You can start applying a moisturizer lotion to the tattooed area as soon as after the first wash. However, there are some tattoo artists that advise to wait before applying any lotion for around a day. This extra precaution is taken in order to not irritate the extra sensitive tattooed area during the first day.

You should also make sure that your tattooed skin is maintained supple and soft. If this area becomes exceedingly dry, there is the risk that your tattoo will crack. Dryness on the tattooed area can also cause itching and irritation.

In order to keep your tattooed skin well hydrated it is recommended that you apply moisturizing lotion at least three times a day. In the morning, you should apply the lotion after waking up and cleaning your tattoo first. Your body loses water through vapor while breathing and through sweet during your sleep. Your tattooed skin will become quite tight and dry overnight so applying the moisturizer first thing in the morning will help relax and loosen up the area.

Your tattoo will gradually dry up as the hours pass, and around the midday you should apply another layer of moisturizer lotion to your skin. However, before doing this, you have to first clean the tattoo. If you apply a new moisturizer layer over an old one, you run the risk of clogging the skin pores and trapping the dirt in this area. This can even lead to infection.

Before going to bed, clean your tattoo again. Once the tattoo has dried, apply the moisturizer lotion again and leave it on overnight in order to ensure that your skin is well hydrated when you sleep.

When your tattoo is fully healed, you still need to continue your daily moisturizing routine in order to ensure that your skin is well nourished and hydrated. However, the frequency of applying the lotion can be lowered at this stage. You will only need to apply it to your tattoo once every day. This is enough for keeping your skin looking young and healthy. A hydrated and healthy skin will also help keep your tattoo’s colors vivid and deep.

Before applying any moisturizing lotion on your tattooed skin, you have to first ensure that the area is completely clean. This way, no bacteria or germs can get caught between your skin and the layer of lotion, reducing any risk of infection. You also need to make sure not apply too much lotion. A thick layer of moisturizing lotion can suffocate your skin and starve it of the oxygen needed to regenerate and heal.

We recommend our tattoo aftercare products which work great during the healing process, as well as on older tattoos. The moisturizing lotion will keep your tattoo well hydrated and also work well in soothing any annoying itching.



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