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Why Is My Tattoo Red And Inflamed?

tattoo irritation

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For many people, getting a new tattoo is not only a lifelong commitment, but it can be a very exciting experience, especially for anyone who is going to be inked for the first time. But, simultaneously, for anyone who gets a tattoo for the first time, it can also be quite overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with how long the healing process will be. After you get your new tattoo, what if it becomes inflamed or red, becoming irritated on your skin, within a couple of days? If you know that your skin is already very sensitive, seeing your tattoo become red can be very worrying. However, in many aspects, seeing redness on your skin in the tattooed area is normal.

The tattoo process works by a needle quickly puncturing your skin to inject ink inside the second layer of skin called the dermis for a permanent effect. Your body will immediately adjust to your new tattoo and want to go on the offense to work to heal the area. However it is natural and expected to have some a small amount of redness and inflammation following the tattoo application.

How Does A Tattoo Become Inflamed?

For people, whose skin is allergic, they can be more vulnerable to redness than others, especially when they have various blood conditions, which can contribute to the swelling. When this happens, the level of it will only increase. Many others who have a weak immune system, especially who are prone to injuries, can also become inflamed easily when they get a new tattoo.

Right after an injury, a blood clot will develop around the broken blood vessels, soon forming a bruise at the very spot. Your immune system then directs white blood cells to the injured area of your skin to fight any bacteria that may try to enter the opening in the skin. Your tattoo is at high risk for being inflamed. Injury around your tattoo spreads out, but the good news is that it can eventually heal with the proper care.

The risk of a new tattoo becoming inflamed can also depend where on your body, you are getting tattooed. Since certain parts of your body have more flesh or fat than others, parts of your skin can be red due to blood flow close to it. Many tattoos are especially likely to inflame around your neck, and your legs.

What To Avoid

A tattoo can become inflamed when it is newly exposed to the sun by a sun allergy. This can occur each time the rays from the sun beams down on your tattoo. Besides being red, it can cause a blister and feel itchy. It is best to avoid direct sunlight in the first couple of weeks following a new tattoo application.

To help protect your tattoo from becoming more inflamed, your tattoo artist should rub a thin layer of moisturizing ointment over your tattoo when completed. Your artist will then cover the whole tattoo in plastic wrap. This will help to risk the cause of bacteria from getting into your skin while you are getting home to take over care responsibilities. While your tattoo begins to heal, always wear clothing that will protect your tattoo when you are outside. Your artist will usually explain how long the healing will last.

Choose The Right Tattoo Aftercare Products

Since your new tattoo is an open wound, it is imperative to treat it carefully while it heals to avoid unintended inflammation and redness past the initial tattoo application. Keeping the tattoo clean and moisturized is the ideal way to promote fast and optimal healing. Using premium products that are specially designed for the tattoo healing process can prove to be a worthwhile decision. H2Ocean’s Ultimate Tattoo Care kit is ideal for all aftercare needs. While providing nourishment and moisture to your skin, this one of a kind all natural water based aftercare system will heal your new tattoo fast and keep it bright and beautiful for many years to come. Designed to encourage faster healing, all products in the kit can also treat sensitive skin.


Table of Contents


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