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Why Your New Tattoo May Have Ink Leaking

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People are often proud of their tattoos and want to showcase the artwork that they see. Watch to see if the tattoo artist fills the skin with ink during the procedure itself. That could signal that the tattoo will heal patchy and faded in certain areas. The ink will blot and the final result won’t be as good for the client. There are good reasons why the tattoo might have ink leaking along the way. Ask why your new tattoo may have ink leaking along the way. That could point people in the right direction to get some treatment provided to them.

Some tattoo artists choose to use excessive ink because the body might try to reject the work done. That is part of the natural defense mechanism of the skin and the body does it on its own. The artist thinks that the person needs to have extra ink provided just in case. But the shading will hopefully remain solid, unless the extra ink starts to leak out of the body. Watch to see if the ink is leaking shortly after the work itself is finished. That could prove to be valuable for those who get the work done right.

The skin might also ooze blood or plasma for hours after the procedure is done. Try to avoid that as much as possible. Blood or plasma are vital to the body’s defense process while the healing takes place. That is a sign that further treatment should be provided for the affected area. Treat the area like an injury and pay close attention to any warning signs. The body’s immune system could also be afflicted by excess ink pushed in during the artwork process. That ink is worthwhile and makes for an important procedure that can be done too.

Remember to clean the area thoroughly once the procedure is finished. Watch the tattoo artist wrap the new artwork with gauze or plastic wrap. That keeps the ink in place and helps people get healed in no time flat. The tattoo artist is proud of the work that is fininished and people are glad to see how that will work over time too.

Wash the area with H2Ocean’s Blue Green Foam Soap and water to clean the blood away. This prevents infection from setting in for the body itself afterwards. This special soap is specifically designed and formulated to promote faster healing for the tattoo area. No stinging and burning sensations will be felt by those who are using the product. It is antibacterial and will prevent infection from setting in on the skin itself.

After you wash the tattoo then you will need to apply an ointment to protect the tattoo. We recommend H2Ocean’s Aquatat which is designed specifically to heal tattoos. Just apply it 2-3 times a day.


Table of Contents


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